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Get a better and more stable solution by keeping RS Production up to date

Posted by Mikael Persson on Dec 21, 2018 12:03:11 PM
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During the year, Good Solutions has invested in improving RS Production with focus on simplification and stability. It may be easy to forget to update, but we promise it's worth it.

Mattias Ahlenius, Co-founder and CTO and Lina Alte, COO at Good Solutions, explain why it is important and how it pays off to always have the latest version of RS Production installed.

What are the key improvements during the year?
Overall, we have focused on simplifying and focusing on improving the functionality available based on how the solution is used and feedback provided by our customers. The key improvements are better stability in the product, but also product news Forms and new functionality for categorization of speed losses, says Mattias

In the latest version, it's possible to categorize speed loss and easily visualize the losses in the default reporting for stoppages. By providing relevant data, the prerequisites for analysis and the foundation for continuous improvements are created. If you are able to measure and monitor speed losses correctly, you can save a lot of time and money, and in particular improved quality and working conditions for operators, Lina continues.

What is the new Forms functionality?
The target of the functionality is to provide a more flexible and improved replacement for the previous Checklists feature. A form can easily be created and updated from the operator panel and has both version control and works great with the event manager, Mattias begins.

Creating or editing a form is fast, and with form reports, it's easy to both find and visualize results. If you use the previous Checklists feature, all content will automatically be updated to the new format.

The Forms feature allows you to simplify and ensure that the right conditions are in place to succeed in standardized work methods. Together with event management, Forms is a powerful tool that ensures that the right things are done at the right time and that improvements are realized. RS Production is a natural part of continuous improvements, not only in terms of data-sharing and source of analysis, but also in monitoring and ensuring that the planned activities are getting results", Lina describes.

How do I update?
The entire support team is available to ensure that it is easy to update. If any customer encounter problems, just contact us. If you have any concerns or require more help, our delivery consultants will ensure that updating is as smooth as possible, says Lina

To maximize the benefit of the entire RS Production, we always recommend keeping up-to-date and ensuring that you do not lose important skills in your own organization. We currently offer more training than before, tailored to the different roles and functions of our customers, such as superuser training, report training and daily data health. For more inspiration, we would also recommend participation in the annual ProdSummit, which focuses on giving participants concrete tips and good examples with experiences to increase efficiency and results on the bottom line, Lina says.

The main advantage of running RS Production as a cloud service is that we have standardized processes to update customers' servers and operator panels. Therefore, I would like to advise all customers take a closer look of the benefits that the cloud service provides, to ensure that you have good accessibility and always have the latest version, "Mattias concludes.

Contact support@goodsolutions.se for more details on how to update to the latest version of RS Production 18.10 Beryllium.

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