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Good Solutions grows. And so does our corporate culture

Posted by Mikael Persson on Dec 13, 2018 1:23:44 PM
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MikaelWhen Good Solutions are at the forefront of technology and knowledge – so are our customers. Therefore, we are constantly working to get better.

When a company is founded, it's often easy to work together. The team is not that big, there's a common goal and understanding of why the company started and anything is possible. As the company grows, processes and methods must grow together with the company. The challenge lies in keeping the company's culture and core values, while creating scalable processes and common goals.

For us it has always been paramount to put customers first, ensure that everyone are well taken care of and have fun at work. Then we can make our business grow better every day.

We all invested two days together to see how our values and culture worked and what might need to change. The organization has grown with nine people during the year, and we will continue to grow with many more in the coming year.

Three distinct parts were crystalizing during our joint work.

We challenge, we take responsibility and we do everything as a team.

We learn from our mistakes, we celebrate our victories and we make every effort to improve our own and our customers' ability to win all games.

Together, we have built a company and an offering that many Scandinavian industries consider to be the leader in OEE software. Together we have delivered the best year yet in Good Solutions history. Now we are prepared to meet 2019 and make it the year when world-class data-driven production becomes synonymous with Good Solutions.

Thank you all great employees, customers and family for making this possible.

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