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Improved safety, reliability and overall efficiency

Posted by Mikael Persson on Jan 31, 2019 8:19:27 PM
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"Reducing barriers and silos between departments and working proactively together. This is the key for reaching our target of improving safety, reliability and overall efficiency"

Stefan Skarström, Production Manager Paper, Ahlström-Munksjö Billingsfors



Ahlström-Munksjö develop and innovate applications, striving to rethink the role fiber has in our society. At the combined Pulp & Paper mill in Billingsfors many types of special fiber-based materials are produced. The mill has three paper machines and produces their own pulp. Of the 300 employees at the plant, 50 work in Maintenance and 200 work in Operations.

The mill wanted to improve safety, reliability and overall efficiency. Many work processes are documented by pen and paper and required many phone calls. Work orders are printed, or dispatched to a stationary PC. This results in double work, lead time and does not support the Operation- and Maintenance teams to make use of their full capacity.


A team was formed with Good Solutions, CMMS provider MaintMaster and the Operation- and Maintenance teams at the mill. An overall strategy was created focused on integrating the Operator- and Maintenance processes by replacing pen and paper with real time information through digitalisation.

Operators conduct many controls and routines daily. They have an in-depth understanding of correct operating conditions in the mill. Digitalised controls and routines with easy access enable operators to instantly report operating- and overall machine conditions.

Operator- and Maintenance teams can now access work orders and execute the Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) program directly from their mobile device. To enable more proactive- and predictive work, data is collected on machine component level from both personel and and using digital sensors . This method ensure that reactive maintenance tasks are kept at a minimum.


Machine operators now easily collect all required data using their mobile device. This is made possible with the easy to use RS Inspector application which is seamlessly integrated with the MaintMaster CMMS system.

Any issues reported as Important or Critical (based on asset component tolerance levels) are automatically listed as new unscheduled activities in the CMMS. What’s more, all collected data is automatically mapped to the correct asset for improved trending and prediction of machine or component failure.
The integrated mobile ODR program is a key component in the daily work to increase safety, reliability and overall efficiency for Ahlström-Munksjö Pulp & Paper mill in Billingsfors.

Operator Driven Reliability with Good Solutions and MaintMaster

_DSF1026 copy

  1. Work orders are planned and scheduled in MaintMaster.
  2. Work orders are easily accessed by the Operator or Maintenance Engineer using the MaintMaster app.
  3. The correct ODR routine is triggered from the work order and is conducted using RS Inspector app.
  4. When the route is done, the work order is closed in the CMMS and a PDF document is attached for accessible work order documentation.
  5. Identified problems are displayed as new and unplanned activities in the CMMS.
  6. All collected data is automatically mapped to the correct asset for trending and prediction of failure.


Operators conducts many controls and routines on a daily basis. They have an in-depth understanding of the proper operating conditions.


Digitalising routines and checks with an easy to use mobile interface to report quality data on process- and machine conditions.


Collecting data on both system- and machine component level enable predictive data analysis and trending.


Ensuring a safe workplace using standardised safety processes for break and lock, machine start and other high risk tasks is an integral part in the ODR program.


Collaboration between Operations and Maintenance leads to increased safety, reliability and overall efficiency.


From left to right. Kenneth Johansson, Maintenance Manager. Stefan Blücher, Machine Technician. Patric Stenmyren, Machine Operator. Stefan Skarström, Production Manager

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