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New paper: Reducing energy consumption by 20% in manufacturing – without buying all new machinery and equipment

on Feb 6, 2024 11:16:55 AM
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Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 13.38.02In this new paper, we show how you can reduce energy consumption by 20% in manufacturing – without buying all new machinery and equipment.

We spotlight the dual challenge and opportunity of reducing energy consumption in the manufacturing sector.

The paper also outlines actionable strategies for factories to simultaneously cut costs and minimise environmental impact.

Key insights

By addressing unnecessary energy use, a factory with an annual turnover of about EUR 100 million could save up to EUR 125 000 and cut CO2e emissions by 60 to 80 tonnes annually.

This paper discusses two primary strategies:

  • Optimising production efficiency to reduce idle machine time.
  • Lowering the energy consumption of equipment.

Both of these rely on real-time monitoring and visualisation of energy usage.

Strategic advantages

Lowering the CO2e footprint per unit aligns with environmental goals and offers a competitive edge in a market where sustainability is increasingly valued.
The discussion extends to the importance of green energy adoption and the integration of circular economy principles to reduce the CO2e footprint further.
Legislation and Reporting:

The paper highlights the evolving landscape of legal requirements and reporting standards, such as the CSRD and ESRS, emphasising sustainability reporting's growing significance alongside financial reporting.

Practical measures

The paper discusses combining practical steps like sealing and insulating pipes and hoses in combination with optimising overall equipment efficiency to lower energy costs and CO2e impact per unit produced.


Take a few minutes to read this paper and understand how manufacturing companies prioritise energy efficiency.

It offers concrete steps and tools for reducing operational costs and environmental impact through energy management, positioning sustainability at the heart of your business.

Download the paper now and learn how to lower energy use by 20%


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