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The latest RS Production gives you great benefits. Don’t miss to update!

on Apr 26, 2022 2:43:25 PM
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"The latest RS Production gives you great benefits. Don’t miss to update!
Make sure your factory runs the latest version of RS Production. Keeping RS Production updated means that you benefit from all improvements and new functionalities" says Mattias Ahlenius, Good Solutions CTO

Why don’t we use the latest RS Production?

Your local RS Production Superuser must configure how and when updates should be installed to access new RS Production versions.

It’s pretty simple, though.


  1. Go to System administration -> Updates.
  2. Select Automatic or Manual.
  3. If the manual setting is selected, set the day and time for then the update should be done.

In Automatic mode, all updates are scheduled to be installed as soon as the update schedule allows. RS Production installs available updates automatically according to the update schedule without a Superuser having to approve the update.


Manual mode allows you to decide when an update should be scheduled. A Superuser needs to approve the latest version when a new version becomes available before installing it according to the update schedule.

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