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Calculate your factory’s’ ROI based on your unique production setup with our new tool

An essential part of meeting the 17 goals for sustainable development within manufacturing is to improve efficiency.

One of the low hanging fruits to create progress and quick economic and sustainability gains is to measure and visualize your factory’s Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

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Nolato Gota increases OEE 35% using RS Production from Good Solutions

"In recent years, we have improved our overall equipment efficiency (OEE) in the factory by up to 35% using RS Production from Good Solutions. This means that we have become more resource-efficient, more profitable, and above all more sustainable," says Olof Pettersson, CEO of Nolato Gota.

Good Solutions' RS Production software makes it easy for operators, technicians, and management to reach a consensus on the current situation through quick access to visual production facts and analyses in real-time. These features enable decision-makers at all levels in the factory to make better decisions faster.

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Good Solutions' new software makes factories go digital and start cutting costs in 5 minutes

Throw away your spreadsheets, pencils, and paper. In less than 5 minutes, you can start improving your equipment efficiency using the new RS Production OEE software. Get the insights needed to cut production costs, get real-time control, and use less resources per unit produced. That's both more economical and sustainable.

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Good Solutions Webinar 13 november 11:00 CET Andon and Integrations

Don't miss tomorrow's webinar at 11:00. Patrick Kullberg will cover Andon and Integration. The webinar will be held in English.

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Good Solutions Webinar 20 september 13:00

We would warmly like to welcome you to our first Webinar in English. 

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