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Passa på att prova Boards on Fire® fritt i 60-dagar

Good Solutions introduce new pulse board offering with Boards on Fire

We need four(!) new colleagues!

Our new webinar series premiere: A data-driven day in your factory

We warmly welcome our two new developer teammates Ludwig and Alex

Gratis webinar den 17 september: Så enkelt byter din fabrik till RS Production

Precision manufacturer Willo finish factory-wide RS Production® implementation in record time

Take a sneak peek at our new product RS Production® Act

Visit our online Knowledge Center. It's packed with useful information and answers to common questions

Make the most out of RS Production using our new competence offering: RS Academy Knowledge Service

Benefit from our growing Improvement Consultant Partner network

Gratis webinar den 11 juni: Så enkelt byter din fabrik till RS Production

Good Solutions warmly welcome Jimmie Kling as Sales Manager! First to join our new Jönköping location

Good Solutions etablerar kontor i Jönköping och söker fler medarbetare [Swedish]

It's time for the final Future Factory webinar on May 7. Don't miss this last chance!

View the RS Production product update Webinar with CTO Mattias Ahlenius

Leading consultancy firm DevPort partner up with Good Solutions

Live April 9th 10:00 CET: Co-founder and CTO Mattias Ahlenius cover RS Production 21.03 “Oxygen" product news

RS Production 21.03 Oxygen is now available

Join our Future Factory Webinar March 12 in English

Our new Improvement Consultant Partnerships adds more value to customers

We're looking for two great developers to help make RS Production even greater

Our new Knowledge Center helps you make your factory more efficient, profitable, and sustainable

Plug-and-Play innovation for easy OEE start

Calculate your factory’s’ ROI based on your unique production setup with our new tool

Nolato Gota increases OEE 35% using RS Production from Good Solutions

Good Solutions' new software makes factories go digital and start cutting costs in 5 minutes

Good Solutions Webinar 13 november 11:00 CET Andon and Integrations

Good Solutions Webinar 20 september 13:00

RS Production Silverlight versions support will end September 30 2019

Improved safety, reliability and overall efficiency

"We were impressed by the collaboration with Good Solutions" Thomas Bauer, Sandvik SRP

Make sure to reserve your seat at Prod Summit Göteborg - The event for world-class data-driven production

Thanks for a fantastic 2018!

Get a better and more stable solution by keeping RS Production up to date

Reserve March 7 today. ProdSummit 2019 is coming to town

Good Solutions grows. And so does our corporate culture

OEE Policy Workshop creates the right prerequisites for world-class data driven production

Fristad Plast increases its utilization by 23% and manage increased order intake without new machine investments

A new short film about digitisation at Fristad Plast shows the value of data-driven production

Thanks for a great exhibition

Free your hidden manufacturing potential

Good Solutions acquires Hash Mobile and increases the focus on data-driven decision processes

RS Production and GDPR

Quant new partner - a leading player on the global market

Good Solutions' digital productivity tools on Business Sweden's agenda in Kuala Lumpur

6 key factors for successful introduction of OEE in your organization

What is OEE and how is it calculated?

The financial aspects behind OEE

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